The Tom & Jerry Show

ORIGINAL ABC AIRDATE:September 27, 1975


At 3400 Hilly Street, deliverymen Tom and Jerry make several backbreaking attempts to shove a heavy safe up to a house on a steep hill with disastrous results; time after time the safe rolls part of the way and then running down hill in front of them as it rolls backwards (oftentimes destroying their truck!) and hindering their every move is a mischievous yapping puppy dog. Finally, after making use of a rocket with wings, a giant balloon, a cannon, a seesaw, and a mailman, all with no success, they tie one end of a rope to the house and the other to the safe and they pull it up, but when that yapping pup frightens them away, the safe rolls down yet again, dragging the house, puppy and all down behind it. With the safe finally delivered, and the house gone, Tom and Jerry's worries are over.




Tom and Jerry have planted a garden and are about to pick some vegetables for lunch. As they water the lettuce it is sucked under the earth by a hungry gopher. T&J decide to combine forces to exterminate the underground pest. At first, they attempt to flush him out of his hutch with a garden hose, but the gopher emerges in a small bathtub! The duo chase the gopher to Spike's doghouse, where they unwittingly disturb the bulldog from his slumber. Grinning, T&J restore Spike's personal effects and rock him back to sleep. Tom & Jerry then employ the use of a seesaw, Karate, a gold-detecting device set to track gophers, a do-it-yourself fake gopher hole, and Gopher Go Rodent Remove repellant spray, none of which proves to be a big success. Little by little the whole garden disappears as Spike, Tom and Jerry chase the teasing gopher around the garden, until finally Tom and Jerry manages to save one measly beet, which they divide between each other--until the gopher comes up through the bowl and swipes it! Tom, Jerry, and Spike end up trying to find the gopher jumping in and out of the gopher's holes chasing all over the yard, while the gopher sits on a nearby porch of a house and eats the turnip in triumph as he gives out chuckles.



It's The National Bowl-Off at Al's Alleys, and Tom and Jerry push their bowling mettle to the metal as they vie for the bowling trophy! Tom pulls just about every dirty trick imaginable in order to trounce Jerry: a bowling ball which falls to pieces, a bowling ball with iron bars on the side, gimmicked bowling pins, and Super Glue. Finally, Tom makes good use of a robotic bowling ball programmed to knock pins down by whistle control. But the whistle proves to be his tragic undoing when he accidentally swallows it; whenever he hiccups and whistles, the ball chases him at every turn! To make matters worse, in attempting to dodge the wild ball, Tom unintentionally helps Jerry win the Bowl-Off! That night, as Tom sleeps, the ball still rolls when he hiccups; he raises his bed continually to avoid being run over by the ball. In his little mouse hole, Jerry is so disturbed at the noise that he resorts to using earmuffs to drown it out, and he falls back to sleep.


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