The Tom & Jerry Show

ORIGINAL ABC AIRDATE:Noon (EST), Thursday, November 27, 1975—
a Thanksgiving—as part of
ABC's Thanksgiving Funshine Festival

(narrated by John Stephenson)

Tom and Jerry indulge in a little fowl play in this retelling of the Charles Perrault 17th-century fairytale classic. Tom and Jerry fall asleep reading Cinderella and dream themselves into the fairy tale. The traditional story unfolds with Tom and Jerry as Cindy's faithful companions, helping her with the housework while her mean stepmother and ugly stepsisters nag. When Cindy is forbidden to go to the ball, her blundering fairy godmother steps in, turning herself and Cindy into chickens and Jerry into a pumpkin before she straightens it all out and sends the happy trio off to the castle. Cindy wins the prince and rides off with him and Tom and Jerry, while the ugly stepsisters whine and complain that "this fairy tale always ends the same way!"


  • The second New Tom & Jerry cartoon to use a fairytale as inspiration, following Episode #80-22, "Beanstalk Buddies." A third is #80-35, "See Dr. Jackal And Hide."
  • Uses portions of the underscores from The Jetsons (ABC, 1962-63) and The Adventures Of Gulliver (ABC, 1968-70).
  • Tom and Jerry talk once more; here, they say "Yuck!"
  • Janet Walso voices Cindy. She had previously voiced Jeannie, the teenage baby sitter seen in 2 of the MGM CinemaScope Tom & Jerry shorts Busy Buddies (1956) and Tot Watchers (1958), which was the last of the original T&J shorts.
  • Joan Gerber voices the fairy godmother. Fans of DuckTales (Syn., 1987-88/1989-90) recognize Gerber as the voice of Ms Beakly.
  • As this particular installment of The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show initially aired on Thanksgiving 1975, notice a certain theme which runs through these segments: these concern fine-feathered creatures. Here, The Fairy Godmother accidentally changes into a hen; the next cartoon, "Double Trouble Crow", finds a crow creating havoc on corn farmers Tom & Jerry's crop; and the final installment, "Jerry's Nephew", sees Dinky create further havoc for his uncles T&J in a chicken farm. Even the segments of The Great Grape Ape Show sandwiched between these episodes, the 20-minute 2-part special "S.P.L.A.T.'s Back" (#79-20 [Part I]; #79-26 [Part II]), took on this fowl-related theme as well, as its main antagonist concerned a criminal mastermind called The Chicken!


Corn Farmer Tom and Corn Farmer Jerry are plagued by the arrival of Judd, a persistent, corn-eating crow who is the continuous cause of a crisis in their cornfield. Tom and Jerry do everything in their power to get rid of the pest. They set traps, they net him, crate him and mail him, but each time they think he's gone, he mysteriously reappears right behind them. Finally, after they have put him into a rocket and watched it land on the moon, they surrender when he reappears perched on their telescope. To their dismay, he reveals that they have been pestered not by one crow, but by his whole family of look-alike cousins Fudd, Ed, Ted, Ned, Ben, Len, and Ken. They all fly south for the winter (Miami to be exact!), laughing at the futile farmers behind their back all the way!



During Tom & Jerry's relaxing game of table tennis, Dinky, their nephew comes for a visit. After a refreshing intake of a saucer of milk, Dinky goes outside to play...with T&J dashing after him to protect him from any further harm. A swing on the swings leads to a game of follow-the-leader, on a tree limb, down a drainpipe and eventually into a chicken farm. Tom and Jerry employ all sorts of methods to get Dinky back---through tunneling under, Jerry masquerading as a chick, and Tom disguised as a hen---but each and every time, the farm's head rooster shows up to foul their plans. Tom & Jerry eventually snatch up Dinky and flee for their lives, race inside their house, and slam the door behind them---so hard that it brings the house down around them! It is here that Dinky's mom shows up to take him home, but Dinky returns to report some great news: his mom says he can come back tomorrow! Tom & Jerry decide this is the perfect opportunity to hop the next bus for Australia!


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