The Tom & Jerry Show

ORIGINAL ABC AIRDATE:November 15, 1975


In their abandoned, run-down, boarded-up, ramshackle domicile, all poverty-stricken Tom & Jerry can find to eat is one measly green bean, which they decide to divide between them. But as Tom attempts to cut it in half, it slips from the plate and falls into a crack under the floor. T&J give up and get some shut-eye. As they sleep, the bean, which proves to be magic, sprouts into a beanstalk, which carries T&J and the bed in which they sleep up into the sky. The duo wake up and find a castle; figuring there has to be some kind of sustenance, they make a mad dash for and break into the castle. There they discover a giant, who presides over his food, his dog Houndmutt, his riches, a goose that lays golden eggs, and a golden harp. With a ", Fum!", the giant sics Houndmutt on the miniscule Tom & Jerry, and the three give chase all over the castle. After a while, the big dog eventually defects to Tom & Jerry's side, and, with the aid of the golden harp, they all fly out of the castle away from the giant. Once back at T&J's place, the harp conjures up a big 7-course meal for T&J!



At Panic Studios, a cat and mouse movie star team (who bears a slight resemblance to another cat and mouse movie star team we know!) refuse to do the dangerous stunts in their new feature, Catman Meets Ding Dong, The Creature From Outer Space, as no stunts are stipulated in their contract, but T.J., the studio head, demands "Realism! The movie public wants to see it like it really is: action!!" So their agent Morris Williams recruits Tom and Jerry off the street to double for them in the roles of Catman & Reubin. They tolerate being sprung into the air onto an orange cart, and picked up in a Catcar by an actual outer-space creature hired by the studio to portray Ding Dong (no kidding!) and tossed asunder. But when they throw a Catrope to the roof of a building, and swing down to Ding Dong's stomach, the giant creature picks them up, carries them to the top of a skyscraper, captures a small airplane, puts Tom and Jerry into the pilot's seat, and sends the plane off like a toy glider. When Tom and Jerry realize they are free, they finally decide they have had enough and sail off in the plane, using the exhaust to write "We quit!" in the sky.



Another little gopher causes more harvest havoc for gardeners Tom & Jerry, as they go to work as groundskeepers for a rich old tycoon with their newest invention: a tractor which mows grass, trims hedges, waters flowers, and eliminates any and all garden pests, from gnats to gophers! T&J eventually flush him out and dispose of him in a nearby trash can and it appears they have gotten rid of him, but they soon learn differently when the gopher interrupts their soda break; he even goes so far as to invade the mansion and eat flowers from wallpaper and lampshades and shrubbery from a fish tank. When Tom & Jerry's attempt to trap the gopher has them literally up in the air, they chase him all over the lawn with their tractor, wearing a very visible groove through the grass as they go. T&J corner the gopher in his hutch and they proceed to fill it with cement, but the gopher gains the upper hand and covers them in concrete, and they ring for James the butler to chisel them free. By the time the tycoon returns with Miss Flashpot, a garden magazine reporter/photographer, the entire lawn is a complete disaster area, with the mansion falling apart, in the fallout from chasing the gopher. But Flashpot nevertheless takes a surprising liking to it, calling it "the perfect combination of formal and casual!", and snaps a photo of it. T&J attempt to get credit, but the gopher beats them to the draw, and is taken by Flashpot to a flower show in New York. T&J end by being neatly deposited into the trash can by James.


  • A sequel to the original "Gopher Broke."
  • A lavender gopher pesters Tom & Jerry here, whereas a brown gopher wreaked havoc upon them in the prequel.
  • The original gopher consumed vegetables from T&J's garden; this one chows down on flowers.
  • Don Messick voices both gophers in both "Gopher Broke" installments.

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