There's those who I can't thank enough for their contributing to the existence, love and support, and maintenance of this site:

WVUE-TV Channel 8, New Orleans
my local ABC-cum-FOX affilliate, for first exposing me to the the 1975 New Tom & Jerry 'toons (along with the others) every Monday-Friday @ 3:30 in '79!

Mike Ravkin
for providing me with episode video snaps, RealVideo, MP3 and MPEG files, the correct order of episodes, and missing synopses to several 1975 New Tom & Jerry segments!

Stuart Fischer
author of KIDS' TV: The First 25 Years (where I first learned of the source of the 1975 New Tom & Jerry 'toons. I'm very much looking forward to KIDS' TV: The Second 25 Years!)

Superstation TBS
for bringing back the 1975 New Tom & Jerry 'toons in spring 1986!

Thomas A. Hudgins
for shipping me 16mm New Tom & Jerry 'toons; visit his web site @

Jeff Lenburg
author of The Encyclopedia Of Animated Cartoons

Ted Sennett
author of The Art Of Hanna-Barbera (the source of the 1975 New Tom & Jerry cartoon graphics which I employed for this very webpage)

T.R. Adams
author of Tom And Jerry: 50 Years Of Cat And Mouse (same deal)

Ron Kurer
keeper of the now-famous Toon Tracker site, who was kind enough to add my site to his ever-increasing "Breakfast Animation Links" and choose my site as the TOP TOON SITE of December 1997!

William Denby Hanna & Joseph Roland Barbera
producers-directors of the original 113 MGM Tom & Jerry cartoons from 1940-57, for reviving the genre in 1975!

whose smart decision to put all their computers (including their Power Macintoshes!) online enabled me to (finally!) upload my 1975 New Tom & Jerry cartoon graphics in September 1997! (I have since updated many of them, of course.)

The Online Library Of Congress Information Services (LOCIS)
for providing me with production numbers, Mumbly episode titles (I told you I'd find a source for 'em!) & original airdates (as TV Guide microfilms are of no help!)

Thomas Walsh
owner and operator of the late The Antelope Valley Internet Mall (AVIMall) Entertainent Archives, for tipping me off on how to use LOCIS

Michelle Hoque, a.k.a. Rasperata

for inducting me into The Geotoon Ring (now sadly deceased)!

Chris Michael Sobieniak
Aaron Higgins of The Toonarific Cartoon Archive

both of whom were kind enough to dub New Tom & Jerry videos for me! ;-)

Darrel Jones
for providing me with a synopsis to "Planet Of The Dogs"

James H. Vipond and Jason Wuthrich
for providing additional stanzas to the Great Grape Ape theme song and making it complete!

Dan "Danbo" Smith
developer of the now-defunct, for putting up that wonderful MPEG of the 1975 NT&J show opening; thanks to it (and the trusty aid of MoviePlayer and Adobe Photoshop 5.0), I managed to create the 2 most important additions to my site: the wallpaper and the "marquis" main title card logo! (Both have since been updated, however.)

Mark Yurkiw and Darryl Heine
for providing extra and invaluable information on the lyrics to the original New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show.

The Deep Archives
for discovering and displaying the ultra-rare, original intertitle for The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show,
which, of course, enabled me to download and adapt it to this site!

But most of all, thank you...

Randy Aragorn Simcox
whose Tom & Jerry Cartoon Information Site, which centers around the 1940-58 MGM/Hanna-Barbera T&J 'toons, was the inspiration for my New Tom & Jerry Information Site, which emphasizes on (you guessed it!) the 1975 MGM-TV/Hanna-Barbera New Tom & Jerry TV 'toons! (Oh...and those who costarred with them in '75 & '76, too.) He was generous enough to add me to his Cartoon Link Page.

Thanx again, guys!