It's the darndest thing, too! I was busy rifling through Tom & Jerry images with the AltaVista Image Search engine and discovered 2 of what appeared to be VHS cassettes of the 1975 version of T&J from a German webpage known as kinderkrempel.de (translated as "kid stuff")!! (At this writing, the webpage is no longer active.) With the trusty aid of Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translation, I read on and learned that they are known as "radio plays," which are, in actuality, audiocassette tapes, manufactured by a corporation called "Poly". In either case, it's good to know that the series, which saw miniscule popularity here in The States, was popular enough to be merchandised in as unlikely a country as Germany!

This discovery was so exhilarating, I just had to adapt it to this site. All of below is taken directly from the kinderkrempel.de webpage.

Tom and Jerry
Consequence 1-2

Tom and Jerry (1)

Page 1:

On the dog star


The giant

Page 2:

The tree mansion

The witch hexenschau

Tom and Jerry (2)

Page 1:

Squad cars 6 7 / 8

Kosmikat and meteor mouse

Page 2:

The gold mine

In the museum

Page 1 of the first volume features "On The Dog Star" (which could be in reference to "Planet Of The Dogs" [Episode #80-43]; I've learned that a few scenes of "Hold That Pose" have been mixed in this episode on purpose!), "Aschenbroedel" (a pun of "Aschenputtel", which means "Cinderella" in English; ergo, it's "Chickenrella" [#80-32]), and "The Giant" ("The Mammoth", which is undoubtedly "Mammoth Manhunt" [#80-07]). Page 2 of the first volume features "The Tree Mansion" (which could be either "Triple Trouble" [#80-36] or "Son Of Gopher Broke" [#80-39]), and "The Witch Hexenschau" ("The Witch Show"; unmistakeably "The Flying Sorceress" [#80-19]). Page 1 of the second volume features "Squad Cars 6 7/8" ("Radio patrol car 6 7/8", T&J's police vehichle # in "The Police Kitten" [#80-28]), "Kosmikat And Meteor Mouse" (you guessed it, "Cosmic Cat And Meteor Mouse" [80-15]), and Page 2 on the tape features: "The Gold Mine" (referring to The Lucky Dutchman Gold Mine from "An Ill Wind" [#80-05]) and "In The Museum" ("No Bones About It" [80-04]).

Both boxes feature scenes from the main title intro to the 1975 Tom & Jerry Show; take note of the scene from "No Way, Stowaways" [80-03] at the bottom of the Volume 2 box, where in Weirdbeard The Pirate is seen clutching Tom & Jerry. "Consequence 1-2" means "Episode 1-2"; each volume is one episode. And "Page 1/Page 2" means "Side 1/Side 2". I'm unsure whether or not they're still available.


I found these cruising through Yahoo!'s image search engine. I am certain that these "plates" are no doubt vynil LP record editions of the abovementioned items. The second LP includes one extra episode: "Robin Hood" ("Robin Ho Ho" [80-10]).

Click on any picture below to view a larger size.


#1 Plate Cover Front
#1 Plate Cover Rear #2 Plate Cover Front
#2 Plate Cover Rear
Courtesy of Startseite

A huge thanks to Sebastian Sprenger for straightening out several details of these!

This -- aside from a 1996 Warner Bros. Jerry doll with a red bowtie -- is the only piece of memorabilia on the whole planet to be released off of the 1975 Tom & Jerry Show, whereas in The States, if there was any licensed T&J merchandise it didn't pattern after H-B's modernized cat-and-mouse duo, as their property belonged to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and not their originators. Grape Ape and Mumbly, however, belonged to Hanna-Barbera, which of course meant merchandise by the bushel.

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