Many synopses courtesy of The Big Cartoon Database.

Episode 1: "Fleetfeet Versus Flat Foot"

Broadcast No. TJM-7
Production No. 85-1
First Aired September 11, 1976

Shnooker receives a letter from a thief named Fleetfeet Fogarty. Fleetfeet plans to steal the Minerva Medallion in a museum. Shnooker is not worried because he installed a security system, and there are policemen and security guards around and inside of the museum. However, Fleetfeet is extremely fast and he steals the medallion. Shnooker tells Mumbly to arrest the thief.

Fleetfeet runs to Paris, Greece, Africa, China, and an airplane but Mumbly always gets there first. Mumbly disguises himself as a waiter and a rickshaw driver, and he hides in a column, an alligator, an even in the package that Fleetfeet is in. Fleetfeet desperately runs to his secret hideout. He says that it's impossible for Mumbly to get in his hideout, but Mumbly finds him anyway. Fleetfeet gives up and begs Mumbly to arrest him.

The museum curator thinks that Shnooker "caught the fastest jewel thief in 17 minutes!," and Shnooker takes all of the credit. Mumbly leaves in his beat-up car, and Shnooker yells at him for littering.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • This was the first Mumbly cartoon to be produed by Hanna-Barbera and to air on ABC. All episodes aired first-run as part of The Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show (and, later, The Tom & Jerry/Mumbly Show) on ABC Funshine Saturday in their original production sequence.
  • Fleetfeet can also be seen zooming into the desert and jumping into a package and wrapping himself up inside it in the Mumbly Cartoon Show opening credits.

Episode 2: "The Great Hot Car Heist"

Broadcast No. TJM-8
Production No. 85-2
First Aired September 18, 1976

At a top-secret testing ground somewhere in the Mojave desert, Inspector Shnooker witnesses a new weapon to aid police in crimefighting: the SCC-1 (Super Crook Catcher), the world's fastest car which also triples as a jet plane and a submarine. Just then, Mumbly arrives in his beat-up junk-pile of a car; Shnooker orders him to beat it, as this is top-secret, and literally smacks his vehicle around in the opposite direction. After the inspection, the SCC-1 pulls into the garage...where it is immediately ripped off by Big Duke, the country's most-wanted crook, who intends to use it for his own evil purposes and renames it The Super Cop Clobberer!

Shnooker intones, "Anybody who'd try to stop him has to be totally stupid!" Then he remembers Mumbly, and he calls him back and assigns him the case. Meanwhile, Big Duke is literally burning up the road in the SCC-1 at 600 miles per hour and is convinced no cop can stop him...until Mumbly surpises him in the cockpit! Having disposed of the lietuenant with the SCC-1 ejection seat, Big Duke takes to the air en route to the big city to pull the biggest caper of his career, until Mumbly surprises him again, disguised in a cloud on a mountain. Duke gives him the slip once more, and continues on his way to the city, where he spots an armored car payroll delivery protected by only 10 guards, and there he decides he has found his heist to pull!

He uses the SCC-1 to disarm and disabe the guards, but when he tries to sieze the payroll, he finds Mumbly waiting for him in the money bag! Big Duke challenges him to a contest; if Mumbly wins, he can apprehend Big Duke, but if Duke wins Mumbly won't be able to arrest him! Mumbly accepts, but is immediately disposed of by the Duke-operated SCC-1 (like he can be counted on to play fair!). Duke makes a break for it but Mumbly is back on his tail. Duke then activates the SCC-1 Inviso-Beam, vanishes, and ducks into a tunnel, but as he reemerges, Mumbly is seated on top! Big Duke prepares to use the SCC-1 to go all-out on Mumbly; when he vanishes, Duke is confident he is victorious, until he sees Mumbly arriving in his clattering old jalopy. Duke faints dead away, and Mumbly activates his car to neatly deposit him in the nearest trash can. Mumbly proudly returns the SCC-1 to the proper hands, with Big Duke acting as a spare tire...the one accessory the SCC-1 sorely lacks!

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • A brief cue from The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show can be heard.
  • The scene from this episode of Big Duke finding Mumbly in the money bag can be seen in the opening credits.
  • A clip from "The Great Hot Car Heist" was used in the 1979 Peter Sellers film Being There.

Episode 3: "The Magical Madcap Caper"

Broadcast No. TJM-9
Production No. 85-3
First Aired September 25, 1976

Mumbly and Shnooker are assigned to guard people and their valuables at a mansion, where a magician named The Great Merlini is performing. Shnooker thinks that it is an easy job, but Mumbly is suspicious of Merlini. When Merlini uses a magic trick to steal Shnooker’s badge, a necklace, and a watch, Mumbly goes after Merlini to arrest him. Merlini tries to escape using his magic wand, but Mumbly is always faster than he is.

Mumbly follows the magician to India, Merlini’s secret hideout, and even to the Moon (he uses a shovel). Eventually, Merlini gives up and teleports to jail. Mumbly finds the magician’s wand and keeps it.

Shnooker is interviewed by news reporters, who think that he arrested Merlini. Shnooker takes all of the credit and says that Mumbly did not help him. Mumbly is very angry, and when Shnooker says, "Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!," Mumbly uses the magic wand to grant his wish.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Not long after this episode aired as part of Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly on ABC, Mumbly would cameo in "The Great Brain...Train Robbery," Episode #85-1 of Dynomutt Dog Wonder, on The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour.

Episode 4: "The Big Breakout Bust"

Broadcast No. TJM-10
Production No. 85-4
First Aired October 2, 1976

At Crabstone Prison, b/k/a The Rockpile, where every precaution has been taken to make it escapeproof, even to putting out the trash, Breakout Barney, who has been stowing away inside the very can the guards have been putting out, engineers his escape and proceeds south of the border! The next morning, Chief Shnooker investigates the scene of the breakout, when all of a sudden, Lt. Mumbly arrives in his broken-down jalop to look for clues. Schooker orders Mumbly to bring in Breakout Barney in 24 hours or "turn in your badge!"

Meanwhile, Barn has traveled by motorcycle south of the border and stops at a nearby cafe for a "prison break lunch break"; there at the counter, he orders a Bigger Burger with the works, where he encounters Mumbly sitting in a stool right next to him! Barney literally takes Mumbly for a spin (by spinning him around on hist stool!) and makes a break for it, but Mumbly pops up again, right where Barn reads the sign which points 5 miles south of the border. Barney converts his motorcycle into a cannon which he uses to blast him 5000 feet up across the border, and parachutes down, but there's Mumbly once again, hitching a ride on the chute!Mumbly switches on a fan which propels him and Barney in the opposite direction, but Barney cuts himself loose and beats it by dune buggy.

To cross a brook (cleverly built by Mumbly with a fire hydrant!) which would take him to the other side, Barney produces a raft, and rows across. Then Mumbly pops up yet again, this time disguised as a taxicab operator, who takes Barn for a lift, not to Mexico City, but back to the city!. Barney leaps out of the cab to catch a subway, then tranfers to Flight 104 to Mexico City...and Mumbly surprises him once more, disguised by stewardess! Breakout Barney dives into the pilot's cockpit to commandeer the plane, land, and catches a train to continue his escape south of the border. Once he discovers it's traveling in the opposite direction and the Mexican border's but a short distance away, he ditches the train and makes for it. He hears Mexican music, spots a Cantina and orders a special of the day...and finds Mumbly yet again, hiding in the platter!

Deciding he's had enough, Barney helicopters back to prison, and guess who's hiding in the trash can to welcome his arrival? Yup...our old hero Mumbly! The prison guard shows up and hands him an extra 10 years to his sentence, but Barney asks for 20, "as longs as I never hafta face that Mumbly again!"

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Barney's line, "A little humor there!" was also rendered by Tom and Jerry's moving van boss (also courtesy of John Stephenson) in New Tom & Jerry episode #80-18, "Safe But Not Sorry"
  • The scene of from this episode of Breakout Barney finding Mumbly in the lunch platter can be seen in the opening credits.

Episode 5: "The Return Of Bing Bong"

Broadcast No. TJM-11
Production No. 85-5
First Aired October 9, 1976

Chief Shnooker gets a call from The Mayor, concerning "a monkey on top of a building". Shnooker assures the Mayor he'll handle it himself, but Mumbly steps into his office. Shnooker ushers him away and turns on the TV, where he has a look for himself at a news report of the 80-foot tall Bing Bong terrorizing airplanes! A shaken Shnooker is only too pleased to hand the case over to Mumbly, giving him one hour to bring him in or "turn in your badge!!"

Bing Bong continues to reign terror on his perch atop the building, when Mumbly arrives, poking his foot. Bing grabs up Mumbly, and blows him away clean round the world, where he lands onto a fish cart. Bing Bong then descends the skyscraper ans splits the scene, but the undaunted Mumbly appears on his shoulder, walks in one ear through his head to the other ear and stops in front of his face. Bing Bong then swats him, but the snickering detective appears on top of his head! The gorilla pulls him off and uses him as a yo-yo, when the string breaks and Mumbly parachutes down, muttering all the way. Bing Bong then continues to wreak havok on the city. The Mayor chews out Chief Shnooker by phone and orders him to bring him in, and Shnooker assures him Mumbly's closing in on him.

Meanwhile, our undaunted detective hound indeed closes in on Bing Bong in his broken-down vehicle. He declares the gorilla "under arrest", when he is immediately scooped up, car and all, by the 80-foot beast. Bing Bong then rolls both car and dog into a ball and tosses him clean across town...but Mumbly shows up right at his feet, and quickly dodges into a manhole! The gorilla tries tofollow suit, but he is too large and becomes stuck in the street. Mumbly reemerges from another manhole a short distance away, snickering. The gorilla agrily swipes at Mumbly but he leaps in the air over him onto yet another manhole. Bing Bong takes another swipe and misses yet again, as Mumbly has ducked inside the manhole. Menawhile, The Mayor again demands results from Shnooker, who again insists that Mumbly's on the job.

While Bing Bong takes a stroll, he encounters a huge banana dangling in front of him. Mumbly is of course high above the action in a helicopter, baiting the gorilla with the giant fruit. Bing grabs the banana, unpeels it, and finds Mumbly inside! The gorilla angrily tosses both Mumbly and the bogus banana into a nearby trash receptacle, wheels, and stumbles over a fire hydrant sending him flying rthough the air and knocking down skyscrapers on the ground left and right; Shnooker nervously watches the events unfold in the live report on TV. The gorilla finally rolls to a stop...all on account of Lt. Mumbly wielding a STOP sign. A fearful Bing Bong then retreats for the shipyards, where he rips up Pier 11 and uses it as a raft to paddle out to sea! While The Mayor shakes Shnooker's hand on a job well done, Bing Bong, back in his jungle habitat, thinks he is finally safe from that relentless hound...until Mumbly, imitating Tarzan, swings down by vine, cuffs Bing Bong by his finger, apprehends him and brings hin back to headquarters! There, Schooker explains to Mumbly he would like to have personally handcuffed Bing Bong himself; Mumbly gives him a cuffing Shnooker to the gorilla!

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Bing Bong is a lampoon of King Kong. He can also be seen twice in the opening title sequence: peeling a banana and finding Mumbly inside, and then hanging onto a building playing yo-yo with Mumbly.
  • The scene from this episode of Mumbly, imitating Tarzan, swinging down by vine is seen in the opening credits.

Episode 6: "The Super-Dooper Super Cop"

Broadcast No. TJM-12
Production No. 85-6
First Aired October 16, 1976

Shnooker hires a robot detective named Lieutenant Nuts and Bolts. Mumbly and Nuts and Bolts have to stop a cat burglar known as The Phantom Pheline from robbing a safe. Shnooker tells them that the first detective to arrest the cat burglar will keep their job, and the other detective will lose their job.

Mumbly hides in the safe and arrests Phantom Pheline. However, Phantom Pheline escapes and Nuts and Bolts forces Mumbly to leave. Phantom Pheline tries to steal a necklace from King Tut-Tut’s tomb in a Museum, but Mumbly got in the tomb somehow. Nuts and Bolts is sure that the cat burglar is in a mummy costume. When the robot unwraps it, Mumbly is there too and he arrested Phantom Pheline again! He escapes and runs up the ceiling to an elevator. The detectives pursue him to the roof of the building. Phantom Pheline leaps off the building and holds on to a rope. Nuts and Bolts jumps off too, but he falls down and crashes on Mumbly’s car. Phantom Pheline is shocked to see Mumbly at the bottom of the rope. When he looks up, Mumbly cuts the rope from a window and he falls down.

Mumbly and Shnooker are at an animal shelter. The doctor tells them he has “Schizocatitis, now he thinks he’s a real cat!” Shnooker finds out that Nuts and Bolts is damaged, and Mumbly keeps his job.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Don Messick voices Lt. Nuts and Bolts; his "brrrp-binggg!" is borrowed from an earlier robot, Mac, which appeared in the November 11, 1962 episode of The Jetsons, "Rosie's Boyfriend."

Episode 7: "The Big Ox Bust"

Broadcast No. TJM-13
Production No. 85-7
First Aired October 23, 1976

Mumbly and Shnooker drive in Mumbly's beat-up car to a forest in Canada. A Mountie tells them that a giant lumberjack named Powerful Pierre is terrorizing the forest, and that Pierre is "Craftier than a fox and bigger than an ox!" Mumbly is nervous, but Shnooker thinks that the Mountie is lying and driving in Mumbly's car scares him more. Suddenly, the lumberjack picks up and throws the Mounted Police Headquarters building. Shnooker tries to arrest him, but he is thrown in the river. Shnooker tells Mumbly to apprehend Pierre while he takes a vacation in Florida.

Mumbly tries to stop Pierre from cutting down a tree, and he makes sure that the lumberjack does not destroy another building. Mumbly hides in an eagle egg, and he imitates a cuckoo bird (Pierre calls him a Mumblybird). When Mumbly beats him at logrolling, Pierre gives up. He plants trees and rebuilds the Mounted Police building.

Mumbly drives to Florida and Shnooker is taking a vacation. Shnooker says that he was worrying about Mumbly, and wants to know what happened. Mumbly shows him a picture of Pierre in a Mountie uniform. Shnooker thinks that he solved the case by himself and says, "I'll get a medal for this, plus a well deserved vacation!" Mumbly scares Shnooker when he disguises himself as a shark.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Shnooker's motto reads as follows: "The bigger the crook-er, the easier for Shnooker!"

Episode 8: "The Great Graffiti Gambit"

Broadcast No. TJM-14
Production No. 85-8
First Aired October 30, 1976

Someone has made a psychedelic mess out of half the city and the statue of Justice, and repainted Chief Shnooker's B&W vehicle baby blue! The Mayor insists he must be stopped; Schooker insists he'll do so just as he finds the culprit. Just then, a furtive hand wielding a paintbrush reaches in through the window to paint a mustache on Shnooker's face; it is Graphooey, the great grafitti artist, who demands $1 million dollars in order to ransom the city. Shnooker orders his troops in blue via communicator to surround the building and send a detective to his office. Graphooey then displays his prowess an escape artist by painting a door, through which he exits. Shnooker tries to pursue the culprit, but rams right into the wall, paint and all! When Mumbly arrives, Shnooker gives him the case and sends him out through the door, hoping he will smack into the painting as he did, but, to his shock, he walks out through it, too!

Graphooey then spots a statue in hopes of grafittiing it when Mumbly appears hiding directly behind the villain under his smock. The Plunderous Painter then uses his fiendish brush to remove the dog detective, but he appears on a picture frame not too short a distance away, snickering. He leaps out of thye frame and handcuffs Graphooey, but The Abominable Artist is too quick to remove his wrist from the cuff and paint a firecracker rocket in its place, sending the canine cop rocketing into the sky, where it explodes and drops him. But Mumbly quickly produces a baloon which eases his fall, and he lands right onto Graphooey's pastel. The villain then tosses the dog detective into a nearby can, bolts, and paints a ladder which he continuously climbs clean up into the sky, where he paints a plane to make his escape. Then he activates a small nozzle on the rear of his aircraft to paint the town red, "since it is Saturday!" But the ever-reliable Mumbly shows up on the plane's tail to plug up the nozzle, causing the cockpit to flood with red paint!

Graphooey slathers the plane with paint removerand escapes by parachute just before it disappears and sends Mumbly plummeting once more, but his orange trenchcoat opens up and acts as a built-in parachute, ensuring another 3-point landing for Mumbly. Just then, Graphooey paints himself a green getaway car which he uses to make his getaway--not long before Mumbly lands right next to him. The crooked painter then paints a time machine to project Mumbly back in time a million years, where the canine cop finds himelf riding on top of a brontosaurus. Graphooey is then free to continue his wave of crime with his brush and pastel, which he uses to paint his likeness on the tallest skyscraper in town! But--wouldn'tcha know it?!--Mumbly comes back, clean out from a million years into the past, on top of the building. Graphooey slides down a rope...right into a net held by Mumbly, who appears on the bottom! Graphooey tearfully surrenders, but Mumbly manages to reform him by recoating the city with a fresh coat of paint...something which Shnooker slyly assumes credit for! The chief leans on a ladder, which collapses and dumps a can of baby blue paint on top of him!

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Here we see a different mayor than the one which previously appeared in "The Return Of Bing Bong."
  • The scene of from this episode of Graphooey painting himself the green getaway car and making his getaway can be seen in the opening credits.

Episode 9: "Taking Stock"

Broadcast No. TJM-16
Production No. 85-9
First Aired November 6, 1976

At The Fifth Annual Livestock Show, the judges have completed their votes and decided upon the prize-winning bull: BigRed, a bovine from the ranch of George Beefsteak! But before Mr. Beefsteak can bring Big Red to the winner's circle, the lights go out and go on again...and Big Red has vanished! Chief Schnooker is immediately on the scene, and Beefsteak informs him the only one diabolical enough to wrangle a prize bull is The Lonesome Rustler! Mumbly arrives in his run-down jalopy, but Shnooker gives him the brush-off, as usual, dismissing it as an open-and-shut case of cattle rustling. As Shnooker reconstructs the crime, the floor under him flips and he vanishes, just as Big Red reappears, along with the culprit, The Lonesome Rustler! With a stamp of his foot, The Rustler and Big Red vanish below ground again and Shnooker reappears, immediately handing the case over to Mumbly.

While waiting at a traffic light, The Lonesome Rustler spots Mumbly on his tail and makes a break for it through the countryside to his secret hideout in a cave...only to spot him clutching onto a shade on his window! Barricading all known points of entry, he dashes out of the secret hideaway with Big Red -- only to haplessly find Lt. Mumbly dogging his trail (sorry!) once again! Rustler gives Mumbly the slip and takes his truck, bull and all through Ed's Car Wash...and gets his face wiped by none other than -- you guessed it! -- Lt. Mumbly! Rustler makes another hasty escape, but is stopped by a railroad crossway's blinking lights; to make matters worse, Mumbly drives past on the tracks in his jalopy! Deciding escaping him by truck is futile, The Lonesome Rustler picks up Big Red, holds him overhead, and beats his feet into a dark tunnel which leads into a deep mine shaft. Rustler reaches the bottom and thinks he is safe from Mumbly, only to watch in horror as Big Red undoes a zipper and reveals to be -- yep! -- our dogged detective (forgive me!) in disguise!

Later, back at The Livestock Show, George Beefsteak commends Lt. Mumbly on a job well done until Shnooker comes by demanding credit for the deed ("They don't call me Old Sidesaddle Shnooker, the sharpest-shootin' sherrif on the force for nothin', y'know!"). An enraged Big Red charges for Shnooker and ends by chases him round the ring.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • The layout design of Big Red is based on that of Toro The Terrible, the bull which appeared in episode #80-41 of New Tom & Jerry, "The Bull Fighters"
  • The scene of from this episode of The Lonesome Rustler drawing his shade and finding Mumbly can be seen in the opening credits.

Episode 10: "The Littermugg"

Broadcast No. TJM-15
Production No. 85-10
First Aired November 13, 1976

KQQQ-TV devotes a half-hour of their airtime to small talk with Shnooker, Chief of Police, broadcast directly from his office. Shnooker reports that he is cleaning up crime in their fair city, when all of a sudden he is deluged with garbage. The telecast is interrupted with a news report that the mysterious Mr. Littermugg has been busy littering the streets with garbage! His modus operandi: first a banana is dropped, followed by a pile of garbage; even the roving reporter on the scene isn't immune to such a gruesome attack. Chief Shnooker alerts the sanitation department, but even they are helpless to keep up with the numerous amounts of garbage left by Mr. Littermugg, so he assigns (or, rather, co-assigns) Mumbly to the case, giving him 24 hours to do so.

Just as Mumbly commences pursuit, he is immediately deluged in a pile of banana peels and whatnot. He spots Mr. Littermugg standing nearby, who drops a banana peel onto his head, but Mumbly dashes to a safe distance before being covered in the resulting garbage...only to have another pile dump on him anyway. Littermugg makes a break for it, Mumbly dashes for his beat-up jalopy, and the chase is on! After giving Mumbly the slip Littermugg chaws on apiece of gum, tosses the wrapper in a nearby wastebasket, and tips it over...but it stands right back up and Mumbly pops out! He then dashes to his hideout, appropriately, at The City Dump, and tries to hide inside a beat up old auto, but finds the relentless Mumbly waiting inside!

Littermugg dives into a sanitation truck and emerges from it inside a hotrod which he uses to make a getaway, but Mumbly is again hot on his heels. With a flip of a switch, Littermug activates a bucket of ice in hopes of giving Mumbly another slip (of a different kind!) and succeeds...but only for a minute. Littermugg tries again by dispatching a full garbage can upon the dog detective, sending him racing in the oppoiste direction. Mumbly strategically drives up a steep hill, which sends the can rolls back down to Littermugg, deluging him in his own insidious waste! Mumbly apprehenda Littermugg and brings him to Shnooker, but the chief is skeptical at first. He is convinced when he is dealt the blow of the atypical Littermugg M.O.!

Production & Trivia Notes:

Episode 11: "The Perils Of The Purple Baron"

Broadcast No. TJM-1
Production No. 85-11
First Aired November 20, 1976

The Purple Baron, a pilot who flies a biplane, has frozen all of the people in Mumbly and Shnooker's city by using his immobiliser beam! Mumbly was not affected by the beam, and he notices that no one is moving when driving to the police headquarters. Shnooker is frozen, but he left a message for Mumbly on a tape recorder. Shnooker tells Mumbly that Purple Baron shoplifts and robs people of their money while they are immobilized, and the dog detective has to stop him.

Mumbly follows the Purple Baron everywhere in the city, and he evades the pilot's immobiliser beam on his biplane. Mumbly shows up inside of Purple Baron's TV set, and escapes from the steel box that the baron trapped him in. He also rides in the backseat of the plane, and secretly pursues the Purple Baron by hiding in a "noisy cloud". Mumbly redesigns his car by adding wings and a rudder. The pilots take part in a dogfight with their planes, but the Purple Baron damages the rudder and saws off the wings. Mumbly stops the Purple Baron by blocking the beam with his paws so the Baron becomes frozen.

Mumbly and Shnooker bring in the frozen Purple Baron, and his immobiliser beam to the Mayor's office. The Mayor says that the detectives will have statues of the detectives, and Shnooker poses while holding the beam. However, he accidentally freezes himself, and is placed in the park until the effect wears off.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Once again, a Hanna-Barbera character crosses skyways with a Purple Baron. Tom and Jerry faced off with one in the episode "Give 'Em The Air," and Hanna-Barbera's animated incarnations of Abbott and Costello previously challenged another in 1967.

Episode 12: "The Fatbeard
The Pirate Fracas"

Broadcast No. TJM-2
Production No. 85-12
First Aired Thursday, November 25, 1976 (Thanksgiving)

While out on patrol, Chief Shnooker gets word on the band about trouble on the Luxury Queen luxury liner. Shnooker answers the call and says he'll handle it himself, envisioning "a free cruise in it for me!" Once at the Luxury Queen, Schnooker calmly assures the scared captain everything is safe...until the Captain rattles him by saying the ship is the ghost of Fatbeard The Pirate! Shnooker then assigns the case to "the lowest man on the force," and contacts Lt. Mumbly to handle it while planning his ocean trip...before tripping off the docks!

Fatbeard The Pirate attempts to frighten Mumbly via the old rattling chain bit, only to find Mumbly gripping onto the other end of the chain. Mumbly cuffs The Seafaring Spirit, but he vanishes, leaving the lieutenant locked in his own irons! Fatbeard consults his book of 1,001 Scare Tricks and tries to spooks Mumbly with flying objects: tables, chairs, mops, buckets, and The Poltergeistic Pirate himself seated in a chair. But Mumbly opens the side door and allows Fatbeard to float on outside...and over the side! Mumbly is hoisted by crane operated by Fatbeard, dropped into a crate, and hammered inside, with Fatbeard addressing the crate to China! Then the pirate drops the crate, Mumbly and all, onto a speedboat which speeds out to sea. Figuring he has disposed of the dog detective, Fatbeard goes back to haunting the Luxury Queen...only to be himself spooked by a rather strange apparition under a gray sheet!

Fatbeard then sees through the deception, and materializes behind the fake ghost and removes the sheet, hoping to catch Mumbly underneath...but doesn't! Mumbly sucks the insidious pirate into a bellows and walks off triumphantly, but Fatbeard slips out unbeknownst to the detective. Materializing aboard the Luxury Queen's smokestack, Fatbeard The Pirate jumps inside to hide, only to have Mumbly pull a cord and flush him out with a huge puff of smoke! Fatbeard finds another hiding place, the crow's nest (flushing out an actual murder of crows in the process!), but he sees Mumbly on top of the mizenmast, snickering! A fed-up Fatbeard saws the mast in half, landing Mumbly onto a deck chair. Fatbeard jumps for joy in his crow's nest, only to have it detach from the mast and land onto Mumbly's deckchair. Fatbeard figures he has flattened and finished Mumbly once and for all, until he sees him under his hat on top of his head, snickering!

Finally, Fatbeard The Ghost Pirate has been ghostbroken, and pleads to Lt. Mumbly not to land him in the brig, because "I've gotta haunt ships! It's me life's work!" Mumbly says that he'll give Fatbeard a ship of his own to haunt: a 2-masted frigate in a bottle! He launches the pirate ship, Fatbeard and all, and he sate sail to haunt the seven seas! Later the Captian of the Luxury Queen commends Schnooker on his courage...and gives Mumbly a free cruise to the islands as a token of gratitude! An enraged Schnooker balks, seeing as Chief he should get the free cruise; the Captain works something out: appointing Schnooker as waiter for Mumbly during the cruise!

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • This aired as part of ABC's second and final Thanksgiving Funshine Festival.
  • A brief snippet of Fatbeard The Pirate can be seen in The Mumbly Cartoon Show opening titles.

Episode 13: "The Big Snow Foot Snow Job"

Broadcast No. TJM-3
Production No. 85-13
First Aired November 27, 1976

Chief Shnooker goes on vacation at a ski lodge for a skiing lesson, and Lieutenant Mumbly is in charge of the police station. A large creature called Snow Foot is scaring everyone away from the lodge. Shnooker is not afraid of the creature, and he tries to go skiing. After encountering Snow Foot, the detective frantically calls Mumbly for help. Mumbly drives to the ski lodge in his beat-up car and Shnooker asks Mumbly to arrest Snow Foot.

Mumbly follows Snowfoot through the forest and always catches up to him. Mumbly tries to arrest the creature, but his handcuffs are too small. Mumbly traps Snow Foot in a snowball, but he escapes and sends the detective flying in a small log. The log flies so far that it goes through a city, and Mumbly lands on an island! Mumbly temporarily stops Snow Foot with a wall that has a picture of him holding a stop sign.

Mumbly attempts to warn the creature about standing on thin ice, but he does not listen. Snow Foot decides to help around the lodge when Mumbly saves him from freezing in a frozen lake. The detectives are praised for solving the case and Shnooker takes all of the credit. Snow Foot is hired as a ski instructor, and he teaches Shnooker how to ski from a high mountain.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • This episode aired as part of the last Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show telecast on ABC Funshine Saturday under this moniker.

Episode 14: "Sherlock's Badder Brudder"

Broadcast No. TJM-4
Production No. 85-14
First Aired December 4, 1976

Mumbly and Shnooker want to see the launch of a rocket going to Mars. However, two criminals named Hemlock and Alfie are after them.

When Shnooker gets a report about Hemlock and Alfie, he calls Mumbly and tells him to be careful. When Hemlock and Alfie recognize Mumbly driving in his beat-up car, they send him to an airplane going to the North Pole. Mumbly comes back driving a sled, with sled dogs. They run to an abandoned house, lock Mumbly in a safe, and throw the safe in a chimney. Hemlock tells Alfie to use bricks to block the chimney. Then Alfie realizes that Mumbly helped him block the chimney! Hemlock and Alfie force Mumbly to go on a boat to Timbuktu. Mumbly follows Hemlock and Alfie to a hotel, and shows up in Alfie’s submarine in a bathtub. He also repeatedly jumps on the hotel sign outside a window, and Hemlock thinks that he’s seeing mirages because they sent Mumbly to Timbuktu earlier. Hemlock and Alfie drop Mumbly off a plane to a jungle in Borneo, but he continues to pursue them. They frantically try to escape, but they always see him when they open a door.

Mumbly shows up at the space station, and Shnooker is waiting for him. Shnooker tells him to find out if he can look inside the rocket. Hemlock and Alfie try to send Mumbly to Mars, but as soon as Hemlock says, “By Jove, we did it Alfie! Mumbly is on his way to Mars!” Mumbly is standing right next to them. They give up and decide to go to Mars, and Shnooker accidentally gets in the rocket with them when it blasts off.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • This episode was the first to air as part of the newly retitled (and reduced!) Tom & Jerry/Mumbly Show.  

Episode 15: "The UFO's A No-No"

Broadcast No. TJM-5
Production No. 85-15
First Aired December 11, 1976

A UFO lands in the city on the City Hall lawn. Mumbly and Shnooker both think that it’s just a strange car on the lawn, but two Martians, Spaceo and the Martian Commander, are planning to invade Earth. Shnooker orders Mumbly to give Spaceo a parking ticket and collect the $2 fine.

Mumbly does his best to give Spaceo the parking ticket, but he tries to ignore Mumbly. Mumbly always catches up to Spaceo, and he gives the Martian a lot of tickets. Mumbly even goes to Mars and gives the Martian Commander a ticket! Spaceo gets really mad after getting a ticket for landing in a no parking zone, and he tries to freeze Mumbly with his ice laser gun. He surrenders when Mumbly gets out of the block of ice and almost runs over him in a truck.

Shnooker doubts that Mumbly saved the Earth from an invasion. He asks Mumbly if Spaceo paid the $2 fine, and Mumbly gives Shnooker 500 Martian kronkels. When Shnooker sarcastically asks Mumbly if "little green guys" took him to the moon, tiny green creatures take him to the moon.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Some hints from the underscore of from The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show can be heard once more.

Episode 16: "Hyde And Seek"

Broadcast No. TJM-6
Production No. 85-16
First Aired December 11, 1976

Lt. Mumbly is called away from the water cooler by Chief Shnooker for another assignment: a complaint about strange happenings at Dr. Seek's laboratory. Mumbly drives his beat-up run-down jalopy over to the lab to find out what he's up to. Dr. Seek greets Mumbly at the front door and invites him inside; he reveals that he is creating a new soda-pop and is in the middle of a new experiment, and goes back to his lab. There he drinks his latest sample and is transformed into the insidious Mr. Hyde! Mumbly, who is waiting in the next room, is immediately snatched up and depositied outside by Mr. Hyde. Suddenly, the creature turns back to normal Dr. Seek, who is completely unaware of what has happened.

Mumbly once again knocks on the front door and greets Dr. Seek. While following Mumbly, he once again morphs into the insidiou Mr. Hyde, who snatches the dog detective up, sticks him inside a paper airplane, and tosses him out the front door. Hyde transforms back into Seek when Mumbly flies back inside, but changes back to Hyde in time to snatch the paper plane from Mumbly sending him flailing into a closet. The Hyde creature searches in the closet but to no avail, as Mumbly is on the other side of the closet door!

Hyde truns back into Dr. Seek, who greets Mumbly and offers him a nice cool drink. Mumbly agrees, and Seek goes back to his lab, only to once again become Mr. Hyde, who makes yet another futile attempt to capture Mumbly. Then Hyde become Seek once more; Mumbly, hiding in a chandelier above, drops down to describe Mr. Hyde, but as his back is turned (you guessed it!) Seek is Hyde once more, and Mumbly immediately turns tail! Hyde gives chase, but Mumbly has hidden himself in a cookie jar; just then, Hyde truns back into Dr. Seek once again, only this time, Mumbly actually witnesses the transformation! Mumbly confronts Dr. Seek with this knowledge, and Seek confesses; he was trying to develop a brand-new flavor for 6 super sodas, but all of the experiments proved to be one flop after another. On that, he becomes Hyde and then himself once more; the effects are only temporary, fortunately. Mumbly tels Seek he has excluded one important ingredient: the fizzle!

As Dr. Seek attempts to redo the formula, Chief Shnooker arrives to look for clues. He finds one of Seeks's super sodas, and, tempted, imbibes it and becomes a Hyde creature himself! Both Dr. Seek and Shnooker take turns becoming Hyde creatures and turning back into themselves, much to Mumbly's amusement ("No fizzle!")

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • The last new Mumbly cartoon to be produced and air first-run on ABC Funshine Saturday. The following season would see the normally law-abiding Mumbly on the wrong side of the law as a mascot of the unscrupulous Really Rottens on Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics.
  • Twice in the opening title sequence, references to "Hyde And Seek" can be spotted: Shnooker imbibing the formula which transforms him into a Hyde, and Hyde snatchimg Mumbly up, sticks him inside a paper airplane, and tosses him.
  • After this episode aired, Mumbly would make one more appearance on Dynomutt Dog Wonder (albeit in cameo): in Episode 83-16, "The Prophet Profits", which aired as part of the season finale of The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour later on the same day.