Broadcast Number: TJGA-1
Original ABC Airdate: September 6, 1975

79-2 "That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape"

During a quiet drive in the rain, Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle decide to take a vacation -- and a billboard they encounter boasts the place they plan to go: Hawaii! When Grape Ape's weight proves to be too much for a jet, Grape and Beegle decide to go the whole mile on foot. Once at Hawaii, they encounter a group of natives worshipping a 40-foot purple idol named Mo-Mo; the two decide to get the natives on their side by replacing Mo-Mo with Grape Ape, and are successful. "It is as the prophecy says!" exclaims the native chief. "When Moo-Moo becomes angry, Mo-Mo will appear!" Unbeknownst to Grape and Beegle, the chief is referring to a volcano!

79-1 "The All-American Ape"

Ho-boy. 340-lb. Beefy McGurk has blown yet another simple victory for The Pigeons football team, and the coach, who's in danger of losing his job to Shifty Schulz, coach of The Boston Buzzards, if he's not successful in defeating them, sends his aide Crazy Toes into action to find McGurk's replacement. Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape shows up, and C.T. feels he's found his man -- er, ape! The coach plans to hold secret practice sessions, so they can spring it on The Buzzards in the initial game--unaware that Shifty is already in the stadium witnessing the whole thing. Eager to steal the next game and get the job for Pigeons' coach, Shifty manages to kidnap Grape Ape, and keep him in hiding until after the game!

Production & Trivia Note:

  • The first installment of Grape Ape to be produced, but the second to air first-run on ABC.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-2
Original ABC Airdate: September 13, 1975

79-3 "Movie Madness"

Grape Ape is hired by a movie director to replace a mechanical 40-foot ape that keeps malfunctioning, in a production similar to King Kong. However, the robot's vengeful creator hatches plans to use his device to sabotage the filming.

79-4 "Trouble At Bad Rock"

Beegle Beagle becomes the Sheriff of the town of Bad Rock, and Grape Ape his deputy. They have to stop a villain named Mean Marvin.

Production & Trivia Note:


Broadcast Number: TJGA-3
Original ABC Airdate: September 20, 1975

79-5 "Flying Saucery"

Searching for the perfect Earth creature specimens, an alien scouting party of little green men captures Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape and submits them to a series of scientific tests on their distant planet. Encouraged by their submental intellect, they decide to invade the inferior Earth, only to be discouraged and thwarted by Beegle's hurdy-gurdy and Grape Ape, who to the would-be invaders appeared to be a powerful gladiator whe aroused by the hurdy-gurdy's music!

79-6 "Thar's No Feud Like An Old Feud"

While driving through the country, Grape and Beegle come to Ruckus Ridge, where The Magoons and The Ratfields are preparing for their annual family picnic.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-4
Original ABC Airdate: September 27, 1975

79-7 "The Grape Race"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape enter The Really Grand Prix, to test a new state-of-the-art car. However, two other participants would do anything to win.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • An instrumental backing track of the Grape Ape main title can be heard at the beginning.

79-8 "The Big Parade"

Duke, the international jewel thief has stolen the famous Pink Palamazoo diamond and hidden it inside a giant baby-blue gorilla balloon used in the city's big parade. However, Grape Ape falls in love with the balloon and stumbles in Duke's plans.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-5
Original ABC Airdate: October 4, 1975

79-9 "A Knight To Remember"

During a visit to The International Scientific Fair, the heroic duo are transported back to The Court of King Arthur in the year 1075 by a matter transporter. While there, they assist King Arthur in defeating Evil Lynn, a wicked sorceress, and her Black Knight in a joust.

Production & Trivia Note:

79-10 "S.P.L.A.T"*

Using highly trained animals, Doctor Dolottle robs Fort Knocks of all it's gold. The police chief recommends to the commissioner a team of their own to fight back, named the Special Police-Licensed Animal Team*. Beegle and Grape join the team, and thwart Dolottle's plans.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • Doctor Dolottle is patterned loosely after Doctor Dolittle.

  • Check out the 2-part sequel, "S.P.L.A.T.'s Back."


Broadcast Number: TJGA-6
Original ABC Airdate: October 11, 1975

79-11 "G.I. Ape"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape accidentally join the U.S. Army. There, the General and Sergent do anything they can to kick them out, but all of their plans backfire. To worsen matters, the Sergeant suffers a humiliating reduction in rank each time. Only when Grape Ape flunks the obstacle course do they succeed.

79-12 "The Purple Avenger"

Grape Ape dons the costume of Zorroski, the Purple Avenger, to save an impoverished town, named Dumpnograd, from that over-taxing tyrant, Baron Nogoodnik.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • Check out the sequel, "The Purple Avenger Strikes Again."


Broadcast Number: TJGA-7
Original ABC Airdate: October 18, 1975

79-13 "Grapefinger"

A villain named Grapefinger plans to steal all the grapes in the world. After he steals from Bon Bon Beagle, Beegle Beagle's French cousin, Grape Ape is hired to find and stop Grapefinger.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Title is based on the 1964 James Bond release Goldfinger.

  • Beegle and Grape return to France in the series finale, "The Grape Connection."

  • The end of the cartoon, which sees Grape Ape's mad fascination for grapes sends him into orbit, foreshadows his and Beegle Beagle's experiences in "The First Grape In Space."

79-14 "Return To Balaboomba"

Grape is feeling homesick, so Beegle has to find a way to get him back to Balaboomba, Grape's native island, to see his parents. While there, they have to rescue his folks from getting trapped by the world's greatest hunter, Bring 'em Back Bogie.

Production & Trivia Note:


Broadcast Number: TJGA-8
Original ABC Airdate: October 25, 1975

79-15 "Amazon Ape"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape help a Professor discover a lost South American City in the Amazon Jungle.

79-16 "Grape Marks The Spot"

Grape Ape and Beegle finds a treasure map in Miami, and is followed by sneaky pirate Captain La Cheat when trying to find it.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-9
Original ABC Airdate: November 1, 1975

79-18 "The Invisible Ape"

After using Scrub-O Soap, Grape Ape becomes invisible! At the same time, two bank robbers decide to kidnap the inventor of Scrub-O Soap, Doctor Von Brain, and steal his invisibility formula, but they accidentally kidnap Beegle Beagle.

79-19 "Public Grape No. 1"

A Beegle Beegle look-a-like appears to replace the real one, and tricks Grape Ape into stealing US monuments for a crazy collector named DaPinchi.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • A cue from the New Tom & Jerry underscore can be heard as Grape Ape descends upon DaPinchi and his lackey.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-10
Original ABC Airdate: November 8, 1975

79-17 "The Incredible Shrinking Grape"

After Grape Ape is accidentally shrunk by a Professor's shrinking formula, he is captured by a ruthless circus ringmaster who wants him to star in his circus. .

79-22 "What's A Nice Prince Like You Doin' In A Duck Like That?"

Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle meet a prince who was changed into a duck by an evil hermit, who also put a spell on the prince's fiance, putting her to sleep. Beegle Beagle and Grape accept to help the prince get everything back to normal.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • This episode has a dubious distinction of possessing the longest title of any episode of Grape Ape.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-11
Original ABC Airdate: November 15, 1975

79-21 "What's New At The Zoo"

Grape Ape's parents are finally captured by Bring 'em Back Bogie, and brought to the zoo! It's up to Grape Ape and Beegle to rescue them and send them back to Balaboomba.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • A sequel to "Return To Balaboomba."

  • This is the only time viewers get to see the loft in which Beegle and Grape live.

79-24 "The Indian Grape Call"

As Mounties, Grape and Beegle must protect Rosie O'Lady from Bart Blackheart, who must attain her property to finish his Cross Canada Railroad.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • Rosie O'Lady (voiced by Janet Waldo) is the only character who, unlike everyone else, didn't yell and evacuate in fear like everyone else did upon seeing Grape Ape ("You've see one 40-foot purple ape, you've seen them all!").


Broadcast Number: TJGA-12
Original ABC Airdate: November 22, 1975

79-23 "A Grape Is Born"

Grape Ape takes part in a talent contest and soon unwittingly becomes a rock star. A greedy manager tries to get Grape to work for him. .

79-25 "The First Grape In Space"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape go to the NASA Space Center to try and become astronauts.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-13
Original ABC Airdate: Noon (EST), Thursday, November 27, 1975—
a Thanksgiving—as part of ABC's Thanksgiving Funshine Festival

"S.P.L.A.T*'s Back" (A 20-minute special episode)

(Part 1 - 79-20)

When a giant chicken and an army of birds start to commit crimes across the city, S.P.L.A.T. (the Special Police-Licensed Animal Team*)is called back to duty to save the day. They trace the villain to a bird sanctuary, but only meet a human birdkeeper. After The Chicken kidnaps The Chief, Beegle and Grape Ape disguise themselves as a bird and tree, respectively. The Chicken orders his newest "recruit" to chop down the tree and take care of The Chief.

(Part 2 - 79-26)

In the continuation of Part 1, Beegle, disguised as Big Bad Bird, pretends to follow The Chicken's orders. The Chicken heads out to sea, along with his feathery minions, while Grape Ape secretly follows them underwater. Eventually, Beegle reveals that the birds were merely controlled by a whistle. As for The Chicken, he turns out to be the birdkeeper in disguise..

Production & Trivia Note:

  • A sequel to the original "S.P.L.A.T.".

  • In addition to being the only 2-part installment of Grape Ape, "S.P.L.A.T.'s Back" is also the only double-length episode in the series.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-14
Original ABC Airdate: November 29, 1975

79-27 "To Sleep Or Not To Sleep"

After a vigorous workout, Grape and Beegle fall asleep. While asleep, Grape performs amazing acrobatic stunts, which Beegle manages to film. After showing the film to a promoter, the boys get roped into performing their stunts at the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, Grape is afraid of heights, and won't go through with it....until he falls asleep again.

79-28 "Olympic Grape"

The US Olympic team being caught in a freak snow storm, Grape Ape has to compete in the games all by himself. Unfortunately, his opponent is a robot brought in by Evilonia, and tries to win using every trick in the book.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-15
Original ABC Airdate: December 6, 1975

79-29 "Ali Beagle And The 40 Grapes"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape have to recover a magic lamp from a villain riding a flying carpet and return it to The Wazir of Richipoor.

79-31 "Grape Five-O"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape have to protect the Island of Aloha from Mr. Y, a mad collector who keeps stealing the islands of the world to form his own continent.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • A parody of the 1968-80 CBS crime drama Hawaii Five-O.


Broadcast Number: TJGA-16
Original ABC Airdate: December 13, 1975

79-30 "The Purple Avenger Strikes Again"

Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle try to help an oppressed village when Grape Ape is mistaken for a local hero.

Production & Trivia Note:

  • A sequel to the original "The Purple Avenger." This is the last of 3 episode follow-ups on Grape Ape, following "Who's New At The Zoo" (sequel to "Return To Balaboomba") and "S.P.L.A.T.'s Back" (sequel to "S.P.L.A.T.").

79-32 "The Grape Connection"

Beegle Beagle and Grape Ape are hired to recover the world's largest ruby, which has been stolen from the Bonjour Museum in France.

Production & Trivia Notes:

  • Based on the 1971 Oscar winner The French Connection, and its 1974 sequel.

  • This was the last Great Grape Ape cartoon to be produced and to air first-run on ABC Saturday Morning. Grape Ape would return in 1977 as a featured player on The Yogi Yahooeys on Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics.