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Responding to an ad in the newspaper, Tom & Jerry arrive at Castle Scarealotti, where they must spend the night in an attempt to win the $20 prize money. Count Scarealotti, a wizard, makes things hauntingly hectic for Tom & Jerry by conjuring up a ghost, which hinders T&J throughout the night, chasing them through a suit of armor, a dresser drawer, an upside down room, and in and out of a painting. T&J eventually entrap the ghost in a piano and torture it with Jerry tap-dancing on the keys, producing discordant notes. Morning arrives, the ghost gives up and vanishes, and Scarealotti presents T&J with the $20 for helping him test out his haunted house tourist attraction! Tom & Jerry then strike back with a little ectoplasmic surprise of their own.



Tom & Jerry attempt to become full fledged forest rangers, but first must keep a sharp lookout for a mischievous bear cub and be extra careful not to incur the wrath of his mom, Old Bruinhilda. But, try though they do, even as T&J rescue the cub from being stung by bees and pounced upon by a panther, and even stop him from swinging from some hay that a moose is eating, Old Bruinhilda is always there to snatch back her cub and scare the novice rangers off (moms will be moms!). The bears and T&J intrude upon the motor home of a camping couple, George and his wife, and cause such a furor, that the couple are forced to drive home, unwittingly bringing the uninvited guests with them. The wife phones the police as Bruinhilda (cub under her arm) chases T&J around the house.



When Free Fall Frieda, the witch, spots Tom and Jerry in her crystal ball, she decides to hire them as trainees to help operate her new 1401 wide-bodied flying cauldron. She sends her broomstick out to capture them and bring them to her. She takes Tom and Jerry out flying in her cauldron, and to help farmers with "crop dusting," she lowers Tom on a rope with a feather duster in his hand. In spite of Frieda's good intentions, her airborne antics terrify Tom and Jerry. Becoming Witchcraft Airlines, she then picks up a passenger directly from the airport and transports him to the Nation's Capital. Tom & Jerry later tag along directly behind Frieda on a broom and a hairbrush, respectively. When they find themselves heading on a collision course with a big airliner, they use this chance to escape. While Frieda flies on, jabbering away to Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse team are soaring off in the opposite direction, waving from the airplane's window.


  • Not to be confused with the 1956 MGM T&J cartoon of the same name!
  • Tom riding on a broom towards the end reflects a similar segue from the original Flying Sorceress.
  • Tom & Jerry encounters a witch here, whereas they tangled with ghosts and a vampire earlier on in "Castle Wiz"! These obviously aired during the Halloween season of 1975.
  • Free Fall Frieda follows in the footsteps of Dame Gladys Flopover in her Tri-Winged Crumpet, Baroness Von Contact in her Glockenspiel II, and Young Maya Kabuki in her Short-Circuit Transistor.
  • This isn't the only ocasion in which Tom and Jerry are associated with aviation. In Episode #80-31, "Give 'Em The Air", T&J face off in the wild blue yonder in an air race against Fritz Von Spritz, The Purple Baron, and they also pilot a plane as stunt doubles in #80-29, "Two Stars Are Born."

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