The Tom & Jerry Show

ORIGINAL ABC AIRDATE:September 20, 1975


While a scary shadow lumbers outside, Tom and Jerry watch a TV news interview with J. Grab Freely, a man who captured a live wooly mammoth thawed out of the frozen arctic wastelands of Alaska. The mammoth, according to Freely, is now at The J. Grab Freely Science Show (admission for $5), and a very scary picture of the mammoth is shown to the TV audience. Just then, a breaking news bulletin reports that the mammoth has escaped from its cage and is in large in the city, with the police force and the ASPCA on full alert! T&J learn it was last seen in the vicinity of Elm and Walnut streets---their location! Then they hear a loud bang on the door; thinking it's the scary mammoth, they ready themselves with weapons, but when they open the door, they find the "scary" mammoth is just a mere infant, crying to go back home to Alaska. T&J agree to help him, and from a shipping news report, they learn the steamship Alaska Star leaves Pier 6 for Alaska that very night, and they agree to take him there. But the three must scheme to continuously stay ahead of J. Grab Freely and the police, both of whom are determined to recapture the mammoth and return him to the exhibit! Freely leaves a trail of peanuts for the mammoth to follow, step on a ramp and be sprung in a trap....but instead of following the trail, he manages to suck the entire trail into his snout! They finally reach Pier 6 and deliver the mammoth to the Alaska Star ...just as J. Paul Freely and the policeman catch up with them! Freely tries to grab onto the mooring rope to stop the ship from sailing off, but to no avail. T&J waves goodbye to the mammoth, as the Alaska Star carries him happily homeward.


  • Influenced by the 1953 MGM T&J cartoon Jerry And Jumbo and 1950's Jerry And The Lion.
  • The voice of the cop is provided by none other than the late Joe. E. Ross, best remembered for his role as Officer Gunther "Ooh-Ooh!" Toody on Car 54 Where Are You! (NBC, 1961-63), a capacity in which he also served as the voice of Botch on Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch! (CBS, 1971-73) and Sgt. Flint on Hong Kong Phooey (ABC, 1974-76). This episode reunites Ross with his co-star from Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch!, John Stephenson, the voice of Eustace P. Peevly on that show and of J. Grab Freely in this episode.
  • Tom talks, saying "ah ha!" in this episode.


The constant variety of sport. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The human (animal?) drama of athletic competition. This is "The Wacky World Of Sports!" As finalists, Tom and Jerry compete against each other for the gold medal in The Decathlon, a series of nine track and field events: tennis, the pole-vault, kung-fu, the 100-yd. dash, the 200-meter freestyle race (swimming), weightlifting, the broad jump, golf, and the discus throw. Using sneaky tricks and underhanded pranks, Tom fouls up all of Jerry's efforts, but manages to ruin his own attempts as well. In the long jump, he attaches a huge spring to the bottom of his shoes, but the trick backfires when the powerful coil bounces him right out of the stadium. He attaches a jet engine to a discus in order to throw it the farthest, but he neglects to put a guidance device on it. The discus returns like a boomerang, chasing Tom around the stadium and leaving the championship unresolved.


80-10"ROBIN HO HO"

As Robin Ho Ho teaches his merry men to laugh, Littlejohn arrives to report "interlopers": Tom and Jerry, who want to join up and become merry men (merry cat and merry mouse??). First, Rob sees how they do laughing; T&J fall all over themselves guffawing and are initiated into The Merry Men Training Academy. They succeed in accomplishing two further tests: shooting bull's-eyes with a longbow and capturing a fire-breathing dragon, but they find that the third and last task, going to The Sheriff Of Nottingham's castle and retrieving a red plume from The Sheriff's helmet, proves to be the most challenging of them all, as they are hindered every step of the way by a loudmouth crow and The Sheriff's two wolfhounds! Tom & Jerry nevertheless tackle the odds and succeed in their mission. The skeptical Robin Ho Ho asks T&J to prove that the plume is really from The Sheriff Of Nottingham, and he is immediately set upon by The Sheriff's wolfhounds!


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