The Tom & Jerry Show

ORIGINAL ABC AIRDATE:November 29, 1975


A hilarious send-up of the Robert Louis Stevenson tale. As assistants to Dr. Jackal, Tom and Jerry become involved in the doctor's experiments with a formula designed to make short people tall, but which turns the scientist into a monster instead. Dr. Jackal turns from monster to man to monster, while the horrified cat and mouse run helplessly in all directions. When the doctor finally realizes what has happened, he throws the formula out the window. It falls into Fido's food dish and turns the lovable mutt into a monster dog who chases Tom and Jerry around the lab while Dr. Jackal works on an antidote.


  • This is a reworking of the 1947 Oscar nominee Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Mouse.
  • Once more, Tom & Jerry break their silence. Jerry says, "Quack," in his imitation of a duck, multiple times. Tom and Jerry both say, "Yow!" and then, "Hmm...ah-ha!".
  • The cop's name is Sergeant Farce. Perhaps he specializes in dealing with crank phone calls, like the neighborhood people calling him about monsters in their houses?
  • The suit of armor T&J use to hide in resembles The Black Knight, the villain in the premiere episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (CBS, 1969-72/1974-76), "What A Night For A Knight."
  • "See Dr. Jackal And Hide!" recycles underscore cues first used in Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch! and Partridge Family 2200 A.D. (Dr. Jackal playing 'charades' with T&J at the beginning of the episode).



Tom and Jerry laughs at a graffiti of Spike drawn on a wooden fence, until they are confronted by the real Spike who, thinking that they are responsible, gives chase. Tom and Jerry jump a fence into a NASA rocket base and are accidentally launched in a rocket to the planet Dogstar, a planet inhabited by green canines! They are brought by a couple of dogs to the planetary headquarters before The Great One---a gigantic golden bulldog with shimmering red eyes---who has the entire planet under his control and orders T&J ejected into outer space because "Cats and Mice are Enemies". Tom & Jerry quickly bolts and commandeers a small spacecraft, and the canines hypnotically try to recapture them. After several attempts on Tom and Jerry fail, they enter the "Forbidden Zone" and discover from The Great One---whom is actually a terrier who maneuvers about o a jet-powered throne---learn of the secret of The Planet Of The Dogs: the planet used to be inhabited by cats and mice who later left and traveled to Earth, leaving only the dogs, who took over in the cats and mice's stead. T&J manage to once again elude capture and reach the central headquarters, gain control of "The Great One", which in actuality is a computer, and permanently un-brainwash the dogs into the dogs into loving cats and mice, allowing them to return by rocket to Earth. But when they get back, Spike is as angry as ever! They are again chased by the bulldog, this time into a rocket heading for the moon!



The cutup in question is a single, persistent, mosquito who makes havoc for Tom & Jerry while camping. T&J use everything from flyswatters, to honey, to tennis rackets to get rid of him. When T&J spritz the mosquito with DDT, the bug strikes back by calling his battalion! In ducking inside the tent, Tom accidentally triggers a raft with his foot, inflating it and carrying the tent, Tom & Jerry and all into the air. Tom punctures the raft with a stickpin, the escaping air blowing the mosquito squadron askew, and the direction of the deflating raft takes them straight into the living room of their own home. As T&J sleep the night away, the mosquito joins them in slumber.


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