In the 1990s, Cartoon Network was good enough use the backing track to The New Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show theme to play during the commercial wraparounds of daily showings of the theatrical T&J shorts, oftentimes while a humorous anecdote is reeled off. Well, I have preserved a handful of those bumpers on VHS, transferred them to audiotape, and have now converted them to WAV files, for this specially built webpage to share with you. (These files can also be found in the Files section of the New Tom & Jerry newsgroup.)

Just simply click on the CN logo to listen to the humorous wraparound segment, and the 1975 T&J theme in the background. Enjoy!

"Jerry, just get a cow, and all your problems will be solved! You know how much Tom likes his milk!"

"Come on, Jerry, you can do it! Just say, 'Tom, please stop!' I mean, how's he gonna know if you two never talk?"

"Jerry, repeat after me: 'Tom's only a cartoon! Tom's only a cartoon!"

"Hey, kittycat! Bet you're a Tom Cat fan! Well, stick around if you like Jerry, too, 'cause we've got another Tom & Jerry Cartoon comin' right up!"

"Tom & Jerry, I demand you two to stop this silliness this instant! I mean it! Can't we all just get along?!"

"Tom & Jerry, the cat and mouse with the irrecconcilable differences, are next on Cartoon Network. Tom, you get the easy chair; Jerry, you get the bulldog. Go!"

"Tom's a nice cat; he's just fallen in with the wrong kind of crowd! Jerry brings out the very worst in him. The bad seeds are next, on Cartoon Network!"

"Next up, Jerry plays the cue card once too often. Sic him, Tom!"

"You're not at home? Let's just say kitty isn't spendin' all his time sleepin'! Tom & Jerry are next, on Cartoon Network!"

"Sing it, Jerry! 'I'm gonna wash that cat right out of my fur!' It's gotta work!"

"Tom, I'm afraid you're gonna have to come up with a better excuse than, 'I'm a cat and he's a mouse'...'kay, fella?"

"(I've got a question) for you: how did Jerry learn to play the piano? Just wondering!"

"You're watching Tom & Jerry, right here, on Cartoon Network!"

" (Jerry,) I oughta bonk you on the head with a pizza pan! Next time you'll think twice about laughing at it when it happens to Tom!" 

"I hope you're happy, Jerry; Tom's wracked with guilt!" 

"(Hey, Tom,) man! What if you caught Jerry? What then? What would you do all day?"